Choosing Containers

The container that will work best depends on the product you’re having it filled with. Can we easily get the product into the container — and will you be able to easily get it out? Will the container effectively hold the product?  And of course, make sure all containers are clean and dry!

 If you don’t have any containers to refill, don’t worry about it! We have some brand new empty, reusable glass containers here in the store for purchase.

How To Order

Order the product and the quantity you want at our counters. We will tare your container before filling so that you are charged for the proper weight of product. We charge by the gram. 

**It may take us some time to fill your containers, therefor feel free to take advantage  of our drop-off service: leave your containers with us and come back at a time that's convenient.

Please note that during COVID-19 we are offering curbside pick up or delivery* if using purchased containers from us.  Please call ahead or message us through our business FB page to order the quantity and product that you would like.  

*Delivery applies to within city limits of FSJ, and there is a flat rate fee of $5.00 for a delivery under a $50.00 purchase.  Purchases over $50.00 the delivery fee is waived. 


Once you're containers are filled you can pay with debit, mastercard , visa or e-transfer. If sending an e-transfer please send to

Refill Body

Refill Home

Refill Home


 Shampoo (Jusu Body & Oneka)

Conditioner (Jusu Body & Oneka)

Body Wash (Carina Organics & Oneka)

Body Lotion (Carina Organics & Oneka)

Hand Soap (Carina Organics & Sapadilla)

Bubble Bath (Carina Organics)

Baby Shampoo & Body Wash (Carina Organics)

Deodorant-Routine Deodorant

Toothpaste and Tabs-coming soon (Nelson Naturals)

Multivitamin Kids & Adults Gummies (Herbaland)


Refill Home

Refill Home

Refill Home


Dish Washing Liquid (Jusu Life & Sapadilla)

Liquid Laundry Detergent (Sapadilla)

All Purpose Cleaner (Sapadilla)

All Purpose Sanitizer (Jusu Life)

Window and Glass Cleaner (Jusu Life)

Essential Oils-coming soon (Jusu Life)


If your looking for an ingredient list, all ingredients can be found on their websites.