Holistic Body Treatments

Moor Mud Body Masque


Hydrate & increase circulation with the famous Moor Spa Mud Body Masque.

 Help to reduce cellulite, improve blood & lymph circulation, benefit from anti-inflammatory effects, and on a deeper level stimulate cellular metabolism. A luxurious treatment that produces great results for sore joints, aches & pains, chronic skin conditions, cellulite reduction and stomach ailments such as chronic bloating. We recommend to follow treatment with a 20 min Halotherapy Session. 

75 min $159.00

Moor Spa


Created by nature over 10,000 years ago, this nutrient-rich complex is derived from a multitude of herbs, plants and flowers and is revered for its therapeutic properties by both medical clinics and spas around the world.

Every Moor Spa product contains the unique Moor essence. This consists of a wide array of organic substances and minerals such as humic acid, fulvic acid, antioxidants, proteins and mineral salts that enhance the skin’s overall health.

Seaweed Body Masque


Purify & rejuvenate the body with a Moor Spa Seaweed Body Masque.

 Rich in kelp extract; a natural cellular renewal, and Blue Green Algae; a nutrient rich purifier. Seaweed is detoxifying helping to rid the body of toxins and heavy metals that can cause a variety of health problems. Rich in minerals like iodine and potassium, seaweed is also believed to boost the body's natural immune system and help improve thyroid and liver function.  

75 Min $159.00

Chakra Massage


Are you looking for more than a surface massage of your muscles?
Do you want something that goes deeper…that awakens your chakras, clears blockages in your energy flow and helps you experience and express your luminous spirit?

Our Signature Chakra Massage is a unique combination of massage, energy work, aromatherapy, & reflexology that corresponds to the organs pertaining to each of your chakras. 

75 min $139

Lymphatic Dry Brushing


Both body masque treatments  start off with manual lymphatic drainage dry brushing. At the end of your treatment you will take the lymphatic dry brush home with you. 

Dry brushing is the ancient practice of brushing dry skin with a natural-bristle brush in order to stimulate the lymphatic system and exfoliate your skin. 

Dry brushing can help detox your body by stimulating your lymphatic system to remove cell waste, environmental toxins, and pathogenic organisms more efficiently.

Other benefits of dry brushing may include smooth clear skin, the reduced appearance of cellulite, and a short-term energy boost

reiki treatment


The word Reiki means universal life-force energy, or spiritual energy. It is a Japanese healing system that promotes relaxation, stress relief, and works to holistically heal the mind, body and spirit. Reiki is for all, and one does not need to be spiritual or religious to receive it's amazing benefits.
Reiki works to remove or balance out "blocked" or "stuck" energy that can be caused by emotional, spiritual, or physical upset.  When these blocks are removed, the body is better able to heal itself, thereby releasing negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that no longer serve you.

60 Minutes $95.00